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about us

We want you to have an incredible experience! Our goal is to guide you to the right place and time!

We’re a small-local company of fly fishing guides. We offer guided fly-fishing trips as well as a variety of side activities for companions.

Charlie is the coordinator and guide of our operation center. The entire team of guides speak perfect English, have extensive experience, and are very passionate about fishing and nature in Costa Rica.

It should be noted that we tailor our offers to each season, the skill of each fisherman, the destination, and the fishing conditions. Our goal is to try to make you enjoy your dream fishing trip!

Welcome to Costa Rica, the Caribbean’s fly-fishing paradise!

Discover the best fishing in the secret Costa Rica. We’re very experienced local guides!


Carlos “Charlie” Chavarría is the son of a famous fly-fisherman and was born on the banks of the San Juan River. He has grown-up on the river and has been fishing since he was a child. After years of working in several companies, he currently runs and directs Fly Fishing Costa Rica. His outstanding knowledge of the country and his extensive experience are key to the company’s proper functioning.

Charlie oversees the design, coordination, and assistance of carrying out each trip. He’s also personally in charge of customer relations by answering any concerns or questions via email or phone call.


Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guide
Guides Coordinator and Head
Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guide
Founder of our company of fishing guides

Adrián is the creator and founder of Fly-Fishing Costa Rica – a company of fishing guides specialized in the Costa Rica destination. As a fishing lover, he has fished in many destinations around the world.

“After spending a lot of time fishing in different places in Central and South America, I fell in love with the Costa Rican landscapes, culture, food, and way of life. I decided to start this fishing guides and instructors’ company in Costa Rica in 2021 with Charlie’s help,”.