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Fly Fishing in Guanacaste

Machaca fly-fishing with fruit imitation flies in volcanic rivers. Possibility of fishing other species such as rainbow bass

Guanacaste is a province in the northwest of Costa Rica bordering with the Pacific Ocean possessing great options for fly fishing. In Guanacaste, you’ll be able to fish for machaca and rainbow bass in rivers like Corobici and Tenorio and sea rooster fish.

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Species: machaca and rainbow bass and sea rooster fish (and other saltwater species).

Time of the year: year-round
Fly Fishing Season in Guanacaste

Species: machaca and rainbow bass and sea rooster fish (and other saltwater species).

Time of the year: year-round

Fishing areas: volcanic rivers of the Guanacaste province.

Nearby cities: Liberia.

Transfers: from Liberia, San Jose, and other cities of Guanacaste.

Recommended: for tourists who want to enjoy only one to three days of fishing or for those who want to combine fishing in fresh and salt water. This is also a perfect fishing complement to a tarpon fishing trip in Caño Negro (Jungle Tarpon Reserve Lodge).

Activities for companions: guided visits to volcanoes, wildlife parks, hot springs, rafting, photographic boat safari, and / or hiking to amazing places like the Celeste River.

Accommodations: Lodge *** next to the Corobici River

Fishing gear: it includes all the necessary gear to carry out the guided fishing activity.

Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides
Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides
Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides


From Fly Fishing Costa Rica – Guanacaste, we carry out a centralized fly-fishing operation in a 3-star lodge in the town of Cañas which is located 40 minutes from the Liberia international airport. We fish in a different river or sea area each fishing day and then return to the hotel.

Welcoming of fishermen and companions at the agreed place and time.

Transfer by taxi to our ‘La Pacifica Costa Rica’ hotel in Cañas. The transfer from Liberia has an approximate duration of 35 minutes.

Dinner at the hotel.

The daily routine of a guided day for fishermen is as follows:

  1. Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the fishing area.
  2. Morning of guided fishing.
  3. Picnic lunch next to the river.
  4. Afternoon of guided fishing.
  5. Return to the hotel in Cañas.
  • 8:00 am: breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant.
  • Transfer to the airport or place requested by the guest.
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What’s fly-fishing like in Guanacaste?

Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides

The province of Guanacaste is in the northwestern part of the country bordering of the Pacific coast. Its capital is ‘Liberia’ which is next to one of the two existing international airports in the country, the ‘Daniel Oduber’ International Airport.

Our fishing activities begin when our guides pick you up at the airport and take you to a lodge near the city of Cañas. We also offer guided fishing days from other lodges where you can also stay.

This province has volcanoes and rivers presenting multiple possibilities to fish both in fresh and salt water.

Some of the rivers in which we practice our guided fishing days in Guanacaste are the Tempisque River, the Corobicí River, the Tenorio River, the Frio River, and the Cañas River.

The species you can fish for in these rivers are the following:

  • Rainbow bass
  • Rooster fish

Informative and Schematic Tables:

We provide tables that delineate the distances to our operation centers by car from the primary airports in Costa Rica, the fishing seasons categorized by destination and species, as well as the locations of our lodges. This visual reference has been designed to simplify the process of selecting your desired destination.
Fly Fishing Lodges in Costa Rica
Costa Rica Fly FIshing Season
Costa Rica Fly Fishing

What’s our fly-fishing lodge like in Guanacaste?

The Hacienda La Pacífica hotel is a tourist establishment founded in the 19th century by former president Bernardo Soto Alfaro and his wife Pacifica Fernández Guardia. Located in the Costa Rican countryside, this hotel has a spa, swimming pool, meeting and event salons, rooms, villas, and suites with cozy decoration, flat-screen TV, terraces with hammocks, and free toiletries. In addition, the bar-restaurant serves international cuisine and local traditional dishes.

The hotel is in a strategic location near the city of Cañas and only 45 minutes from the Liberia International Airport, recommending activities such as horseback riding and excursions to observe wildlife. Hacienda La Pacifica hotel is ideal for couples and one of the most relaxing in Guanacaste rescuing the centuries-old legacy of the region.

Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides
Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides

What’s machaca fly fishing like in Guanacaste?

Machaca fly fishing in Guanacaste is an adventure that every fly-fisherman must experience. It takes place in a boat going down a river and fishing with small poppers or imitation fruit flies.

The hatching of the flower, which occurs from January to April, is known worldwide. This time of the year is ideal for machaca fishing since the fish are active; they go near the shores and look for fruits that come off the trees and go up to the surface to eat the fruit. It’s important to keep in mind that the adult machaca is an omnivorous fish that eats mainly fruits, flowers, and leaves, so fruit imitation flies are a common technique for machaca fly-fishing.

The old and barely explored rivers in Guanacaste are ideal for machaca fly fishing since these rivers are home of a significant population of machaca. Rivers that come from the volcanoes in the country and feed into Lake Nicaragua such as the Tempisque River and the Tenorio River, are some of the best places for machaca fishing in Guanacaste.

For whom do we recommend fly fishing in Guanacaste?

Our fishing operation in Guanacaste is recommended for tourists who want to enjoy a few days of fishing at their vacation destination or for those who want to combine fresh and salt water fishing. It’s also a perfect fishing complement to a tarpon fishing trip in Caño Negro (Jungle Reserve).

Enjoy a fly fishing trip in Guanacaste

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