Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides


Fly fishing in the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge home of the largest tropical reserve for tarpon fishing in Costa Rica

In northern Costa Rica only 4.5 hours from San Jose is the most exclusive destination in the country for tarpon fishing. We’re talking about the Jungle Tarpon Reserve, a vast system of freshwater rivers, streams, and lagoons with dense vegetation ideal for migratory tarpon fishing. We also offer the possibility of machaca fishing in this area!

Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guide

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Species: tarpon and machaca.

Season of the year: All year round. Best months: January to May and August to October.
Fly Fishing Season in Junge Tarpon Reserve

Species: tarpon and machaca.

Season of the year: All year round. Best months: January to May and August to October.

Transfers: we offer transfer service to the operations center.

Recommended: for fishermen who love tarpon fishing with the possibility of machaca fishing.

Side activities for companions: hiking and bird-watching. Non-fishermen are also welcome to join the fishermen on fishing days on the boat.

Accommodations: Natural Caño Negro Lodge located in Caño Negro.

Fishing gear: it includes all the necessary gear to carry out the guided fishing activity.

Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides
Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides
Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides
Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides


Our fishing trips take place at hotel in Caño Negro in the Jungle Tarpon Reserve. We intend to offer our guests with 2 options. The 2 possible alternatives are a luxurious lodge or a simple hotel.

Our company of guides offers the transfer service from the San Jose airport or from the Liberia airport to our operation center.

It’s important to note that sometimes fishing days begin at 5 am, and last north of 10 hours of fishing. We adapt to our guests demands!

The trip consists of:

  • Recepción de los pescadores y acompañantes en el lugar de recogida previamente solicitado. Es completamente normal que los recojamos en el aeropuerto de Liberia o San José.
  • Traslado en taxi a nuestro hotel.
  • Cena en el hotel.

La rutina diaria de un día guiado para pescadores es la siguiente:

  1. Desayuno en el hotel y traslado a la zona de pesca.
  2. Mañana de pesca guiada.
  3. Almuerzo picnic junto al río.
  4. Tarde de pesca guiada.
  5. Regreso al hotel.
  • 8:00 am: desayuno en el restaurante del hotel.
  • Traslado al aeropuerto o lugar solicitado por el huésped.
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What’s fishing like in the Jungle Tarpon Reserve?

Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides

The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is home to the largest tropical reserve for tarpon fishing in Costa Rica.

We have the exclusivity of this destination with Yellowdog and other American travel agencies, but unlike these agencies, we offer much cheaper prices and with a very similar service. This is the great advantage of directly hiring a local fishing travel agency!

You’ll be able to see huge fish hunting in the channels and arms of the river during the fishing day. These are schools of migratory tarpon that enter to feed on small fish during the rainy season of the year.

As a complement to tarpon fishing we also offer incredible guided fishing days to fish for machaca.

After several days of tarpon fishing in the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, many fishermen decide to change the fishing species. The perfect complement is the fishing of machaca fish.

This fruit-loving fish is fished in the rivers close to our operation center. These rivers are considered the best areas to fish for machaca in Costa Rica for the following reasons:

  • Reduced fishing pressure. They are far away from the tourist areas.
  • Opportunity to catch trophy fish.
  • There are many fig trees and other fruit bearing trees on its banks.
  • These rivers that can only be accessed using a fishing boat.

Informative and Schematic Tables:

We provide tables that delineate the distances to our operation centers by car from the primary airports in Costa Rica, the fishing seasons categorized by destination and species, as well as the locations of our lodges. This visual reference has been designed to simplify the process of selecting your desired destination.
Fly Fishing Lodges in Costa Rica
Costa Rica Fly FIshing Season
Costa Rica Fly Fishing

Our hotel for fishermen in Jungle Tarpon Reserve:

The Natural Caño Negro Lodge is a hotel in the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica that’s surrounded by lush tropical gardens and an impressive diversity of flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, outdoor pool, top-notch restaurant, and friendly and helpful staff who provide popular sightseeing information. This lodge is ideal for families and wildlife and bird-watching lovers, who can explore the Caño Negro nature reserve to admire the local fauna and migratory birds from January to March. In addition, the hotel is stands out for having professionally cleaned grounds and tropical gardens making it the largest and most well-kept hotel in the area.

If you’re looking for a quiet getaway and to get in touch nature, the Natural Caño Negro Lodge is the ideal option!

Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides
Costa Rica Fly Fishing Guides
Enjoy a fly fishing trip in Jungle Tarpon Reserve

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